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What is your operation area?
Unfortunately I have to disappoint everyone who request us for help with properties which are located further than 30 minutes drive from Prague unless individually agreed conditions which makes the case worth to consider longer driving to the property.

What are the Agency fees?
Residential rentals

Long term residential rentals
In case of mediation of lease Long term contract we are charging commission amounting of one month rent + 19 % VAT Valuable added tax (DPH) Meaning of Long term is time period of 1 year or more. The commission is usually due upon signing of the contract of lease.

Short time rentals
Most of the landlords are looking for long term tenants however some of them are willing to rent their properties for short term which is meaning anything between 3 months and 1 year. Rentals for short term are usually increased for 10 – 35 % depending on length of lease and other conditions. In case we are requested to find apartment or house for short time we charge commission equal to 1/2 month rent.

Very short time rentals
Very short time rentals means anything from 3 days to 3 month. Rental prices for very short rentals already include our agency fees which is paid by the landlord. The offer of such very short time rentals is quite limited in our database, but we however offer some properties for such very short time period.

Commercial rentals
In case of commercial rentals (office, warehouse, retail, factories) we charge commission equal to one monthly rent usually paid by the landlord.

Sales commission we charge from the seller side varies from 6 % to 2,0 % + VAT (DPH) and are depending on value of the property.

How can I buy real estate in the Czech Republic as a foreigner?
Since 1 May 2009 citizens from EU and other countries are not limited in the nature and scope of acquiring real estate (except for land that is part of an agricultural land fund or forest) in the Czech Republic. The original “legal obstacles” requiring that foreigners hold a Czech Residence Permit or Visa were lifted. Thus, they may acquire real estate under the same conditions as Czech citizens.

Since 1 May 2009 foreign legal entities from EU and other states may acquire real estate (except for land that is part of an agricultural land fund or forest) in the Czech Republic without any restrictions and under the same conditions as Czech legal entities. Hence, the original legal requirements as to the location of the company or an establishment of a branch in the Czech Republic and entitlement to conduct business in the Czech Republic were lifted. Any purchase or transfer of real estate must be registered with the relevant Land Registry.

The real estate transfer tax is 3% of the selling price or the officially assessed value, whichever is greater, and is paid by the seller. The buyer is the guarantor and pledges for payment of the transfer tax. The transfer-tax return must be delivered to the Tax Administration Office and the transfer tax paid within three months following the registration of the transfer in the Land Registry.

What are most popular and requested areas for foreigners to live?
In most cases our clients are families with children. Most of parents are looking for housing close to the schools or in areas where is good public transport connection to the school. Majority of schools for foreigners and expatriates are on Prague 6, 4 and 5.

What to do if I have electronic device from USA which works on 120 Volts power supply?
If you need electronic devices from USA works in Czech Republic you can buy power changer, AC - AC Converter or transformers at Manak elektro Louka shop tel. 518 329 058, cell phone 605 944 445, ZIP 696 76, Louka nad Veličkou, Louka No. 31, working hours Mon-Fri 8.00-17.30, Sat: 8.00-11.00

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